Mysuru – The next IT hub of Karnataka

If you have been following the news recently, you would have read about the proposal to make Mysuru the next IT hub of Karnataka after Bangalore. If you haven’t, well here’s the gist –

“The activities of Karnataka Digital Economy Mission (KDEM), an initiative sponsored by the State government, are being launched in Mysuru on Friday to help accelerate and position the city as an alternative destination for technology and innovation beyond Bengaluru.

Mysuru is emerging as one of the preferred destinations for businesses across several industry verticals and the KDEM Mysuru cluster has been brought together for the purpose.

KDEM is an initiative launched by the State government in 2020 with an objective to build the innovation and technology ecosystem Beyond Bangalore and contribute 30 per cent to the State’s GDP by 2025. The key milestones include the creation of 10 lakh direct and indirect jobs through startups and IT/ITES services.”

What does it mean to Mysuru?

This move is a fundamental shift that will shape the future of the city. The huge inflow of resources, infrastructure and industries will stimulate the economy of the city and give a boost to all sectors. This is bound to drive the all-round development of the city. The move will provide a broader range of opportunities and will trigger a rapid economic and social change. It is the next big thing!

What can it mean to you as an investor?

When it comes to investing in real estate, Mysuru has always been a very safe bet. The hertiage city tag, friendly people, clean green vistas and a generally relaxed atmosphere has always held a special charm. The proposed move is sure to reshape the city and its real estate sector for better. The impact of economic development of this project will be far greater and will drive up the real estate value by many folds. This provides an unprecedented opportunity for real estate investors, at minimum risk. The investable real estate across the city will lead to a substantial opportunity for investment and the demand to search for higher yields means that you should prepare for this fast changing landscape right away. The best time to invest is NOW & the best place to invest is Mysuru.

How to invest in Mysuru? 

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